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What is it like to travel to Rocky Point right now? Here is my first-hand account

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

My family and I have been wanting to go to Rocky Point for months, like many of you.  When we heard the beaches would open on August 1st we packed up and headed there. 

Even though we had done a lot of research we were a little apprehensive about what it would be like at the border, checkpoint, and resort. The reality is the trip was as uneventful as it ever has been. We arrived at the border, got the green light, and drove right through. If you get the red light (like I have a few times) they'll have you stop, ask where you are going, and possibly search your vehicle to see if you have anything to declare. 

The checkpoint was quick and painless. I won't elaborate any further because it is not there anymore. Now when you arrive there will be two lines, an express line where you tell them you are a tourist and they look you up and a non-express line where you may have to wait a little longer. They are randomly choosing cars to give one person in the car a Covid test by pricking your finger. You will have the results within 5-10 minutes. This too may be a thing of the past in the coming days.

The beach is officially open from 6 am to 7 pm but we were able to stay past dark without anyone hassling us on all days but one where we were asked to get out around 7:45.  The water was warm and as always our skin turned pruny from staying in it so long. 

We hired Chef Tony twice while we were there. He came and cooked right in our kitchen. The bonus is he does all the clean up as well. We had Mexican and Italian. Both were delicious. Ask about our chef-for-hire options when you book a trip.

Other things you can do is rent ATVs, Wave-runners, hire a masseuse to come to give you a massage inside your air-conditioned house, and many more wonderful activities.

Is it time for a trip to Rocky Point?

In a word... YES! It's time to get away, relax, and forget the craziness of the world for a few days. Book you vacation at Use promo code getaway to get the 15% for travel between now and August 15

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