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Traveling to/from Rocky Point via San Luis

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Following the temporary Lukeville border crossing to Puerto Peñasco there is growing uncertainty about current travel plans and safety concerns among travelers. If you are trying to decide whether to proceed with your vacation hopefully this information will help you make an informed decision.

Our family traveled home from Rocky Point to the United States today-- Wednesday, December 6 (3 days after the closure). We did not consider the route via Nogales due to what we have heard about security concerns through Caborca. Going through the San Luis port of entry we had two options:

Highway 2 to/from San Luis via Sonoyita or the Coastal Highway via Golfo de Santa Clara. On paper, the Coastal Highway seems a lot more appealing because it is nearly 1 hour faster than going to Sonoyta and then going west on Highway 2. 2:40 vs. 3:27. We heard that even though Highway 2 was longer, it was a preferred route because the road was good and the coastal highway was riddled with sand and potholes. We also heard that it was not that bad as long as you traveled during the daylight.

We decided to risk it and go through the Coastal Highway.

The drive was not only pleasant but there were some beautiful views of the ocean on the way. Although there were some potholes, they are manageable if you drive cautiously during the day.

We got to the border in two hours. We had heard that the crossing at San Luis was very long (upwards of 2 hours) as we were approaching the website said the wait was 1 hour. Even so, it was 1/2 of the 2 hours we were told to expect, so we decided to go another 20 minutes west to the "Algodones / Andrade" crossing. This crossing is pretty close to what you would expect at the Lukeville crossing. We crossed the border in 10 minutes. From there, Google Maps says it is a 2:45-minute drive to Phoenix.

It is not as convenient as it would be to travel through Lukeville but it is still worth it to enjoy beautiful Rocky Point.

If you are traveling from California, Yuma, Nevada, or Utah, it is faster or at least the same as going through Lukeville.

When the word came out that the border was closing there was a mad rush by everyone in Rocky Point to head north to the US before it closed. From Sunday to Wednesday Sandy Beach was a ghost town. We had the beach to ourselves. We some of the most amazing sights of birds feeding on fish that we have ever seen.

Many are going to stay away until the border opens in the meantime, those who "dare" to venture out and spend an extra two hours are going to enjoy Rocky Point like never before. You'll have pools to yourself, the beach to yourself, you'll have no wait at any restaurant and you'll get the VIP treatment everywhere you go. You can also feel good that you are supporting the local economy which is; without a doubt, going to suffer greatly from this closure.

So don't let this temporary border closure stop you from having the vacation of a lifetime. The sunsets, birds, sandy beaches, and magic of this amazing place don't care about the border. Go and you'll thank me.

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