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Family Tradition

We are a family who loves Rocky Point. Even though we live in Utah we make it a point to travel to Rocky Point every year and enjoy this amazing, magical place. Some of our most cherished memories of our children growing up have occurred in Rocky Point.


We first stumbled upon this incredible place over 20 years ago.  My parents were going to build a house on a lot they had just purchased.  We went to rescue them from making a mistake in Mexico and ended up falling in love with Rocky Point.  7 properties later we've made it our quest to share what we have discovered with others.

We are not a large corporation to which you are just a number, we endeavor to help each of our guests have an unforgettable experience, a reason to come back again and again.


The locations where we have built/chosen our properties are world-class. The warm beaches, the nice people, the security, and the guaranteed sunsets will make you fall in love too!


We promise to provide you with all the creature comforts you are used to and enjoy a magnificent place.

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