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Should I go to Rocky Point now?

By now, you have heard that Puerto Peñasco has begun welcoming tourists to the city once more. Whether or not its time for YOU to go to Rocky Point depends on how much you want to swim in the Ocean. There are still some restrictions that you will have to adhere to (I'll list them below) but the biggest one right now that although you can be on the beach, you can not--at least not yet--get in the water. People are required to remain 20 meters from the later's edge until the Federal Government grants access once more.

Is The Border Closed?

No. You may be confused at the news release telling us that both Mexico and the US have agreed to extend the border "closures" to non-essential travel until late July. This is not a new condition, it has been in place for months now. The thing is that for almost all tourists going to Rocky Point this will not affect you in any way. You see, Mexico deems tourism as essential, so no one driving to Rocky Point will te denied access. They haven't been denying access at all, and they are not planning to deny access. Any US citizen or permanent resident returning home from Mexico is considered "essential traffic" and will be allowed re-entry into the US. This has been the case all along.

What is the Sanitary Fence around Puerto Peñasco?

Since March Puerto Peñasco municipality has installed a sanitary fence around the city restricting access to residents and tourists. The checkpoint is found just outside city limits and it remains in place. As of June 16 tourists with reservations issued by approved vendors are being allowed to enter the city after going to a temperature check and driving through a disinfecting tunnel.

What can I expect if I travel to Rocky Point Now?

First, you will be required to send in advanced the names of all the people in your party. The reservation company will send that to the authorities that man the checkpoint and when you arrive they will check the information with your ID. Once they validate that you have a correctly issued reservation you will be asked to have your temperature checked and go through the disinfecting tunnel.

Reports from people who have traveled in the last two days say that usually it takes about 15 minutes to get through the line but some have experienced delays of an hour or so. Depending on whether you are going to a beach house or a resort you may be asked to undergo another temperature check before entering the resort.

What Restrictions are still in place?

The biggest one is that as of now you cannot swim in the ocean. You have to remain within 20 meters of the water's edge. This is a federal mandate and we are hoping that any day now it will be removed as well. We think it will be removed soon because other tourist destinations like Cancun, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta have or are starting to allow access to the water this week. We hope Rocky Point will be able to do the same very soon. As of now though, you can't go in the ocean water.

• Pools are open in the places where our properties are at.

• Restaurants are open though they are required to operate at a 40% capacity

• You need to wear masks when you are in public places

• There is a curfew in place of 10 p.m.

• You can be on the beach but not get in the ocean, at least not yet.

So, should you go to Rocky Point now? If playing in the surf is a dealbreaker you better wait for a little longer. If the swimming pools, jacuzzis, beach sand, restaurants, and overall paradisical setting Peñasco offers is otherwise enough then I'd say GET TO ROCKY POINT!

If you want to secure your beach rental but are unsure about doing so because of the changing conditions we will guarantee a full refund up to the date you travel if you are not able to travel because of government restrictions.

Call or chat through our website if you have any questions or need clarification or need help making your reservation.

Boan Rubalcava


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