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Ensure an unforgettable time and go make some amazing memories. These tips will help:

FREEZE WATER BOTTLES: Lugging a cooler through the sand is never a good time. Forget the hassle of ice packs and a cooler, and freeze water bottles instead. Plus you'll leave the bach hydrated. You could also just rent one of our beach houses that are already on the beach so you don't have to haul anything at all...

USE EMPTY PEANUT BUTTER JARS: There is one cost-effective holder that will ensure your keys, phone, and other electronics don't get buried in the sand: empty, clean peanut butter jars!

PACK BABY POWER: Believe it or not, applying baby powder to your skin is a surefire way to remove sand from your body, so you aren't tracking sticky sand throughout the house after a day at the beach.

TRACK SUNSCREEN APPLICATION: Between falling asleep on your towel and running in and out of the water, remembering to reapply sunscreen can be tricky. Keep track by putting tape on the bottle and writing reapplication times with a black marker.

MAKE ALOE VERA CUBES: Nothing kills a good beach day quite like a painful sunburn. Freeze aloe vera gel in ice-cube trays ahead of time for quick relief when it occurs.

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