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Rocky Point Vacation


Las mejores propiedades de Puerto Peñasco


Sonoran Sun Penthouse
2 dormitorios •  2 baños • 6 plazas

Condo Bella Sirena
2 Dormitorios • 2 Baños • Capacidad 6


Welcome to Rocky Point Vacation (, where excellence meets serenity in Puerto Peñasco's premier rental properties. As proud owners and operators of all our accommodations, we spare no effort to ensure that your stay transcends into an unforgettable experience, compelling you to return time and again.

Indulge in the unparalleled luxury of our beachfront properties, where the sands stretch as far as the eye can see, and the breathtaking Sea of Cortez forms an exquisite backdrop. Beyond providing exceptional lodgings, we offer all-inclusive meal options, allowing you to relish your family time and the coastal beauty without any concerns.

Escape to a haven where the beach is your backyard, and every moment is painted with the hues of the Sea of Cortez. Try us on your next vacation, and we assure you that the memories we create will beckon you back repeatedly, making Rocky Point Vacation your preferred getaway destination.

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